Connecting Bluespot 4G external antennas to a Huawei B535 router

Bluespot 4G external antennas are are a simple way to improve your 4G signal strength and mobile broadband internet speed. To connect the antennas, follow these steps.

  • While the instructions are written for a Huawei B535 router, the process is the same for any 4G router with SMA antenna ports. If you router only has one SMA antenna connection, simple connect one antenna or antenna cable and leave the other unused.
  • This guide applies to our 4G whip antennas (shown below) as well as our high-gain 4G/5G outdoor antennas.


  1. Turn off your Huawei B535 router and disconnect it from the power source to prevent any damage during the installation process.

  2. Locate the two SMA antenna connectors labeled "Main" and "Div" on the back of the Huawei B535 router.

  3. Connect one of the external antennas to the "Main" port and the other to the "Div" port. Make sure the connectors are securely in place, but do not overtighten.

  4. Turn on your Huawei B535 router and wait for it to connect to the network.

  5. Log in to the router's web interface by typing the router's IP address into your web browser. Enter the password when prompted. If you have not changed them, the default IP address is "" and the default password is "admin".

  6. Navigate to Advanced > System > System Settings > Antenna Settings in the web interface.

  7. Set the antenna setting to "external".

  8. Save the changes and restart your Huawei B535 router.

  9. Check the signal strength on your device to ensure that it has improved.

Our page on RSSI and signal strength also contains useful information to troubleshoot weak 4G connections.

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